The Box

I’ve been thinking a great deal about “expanding my box”.  What did I need to do to grow my comfort zone and not feel the need to go back to where I felt the most content?

Every box starts with the bottom and the 4 sides.  The bottom is my comfort zone or my starting point.  Each side of the box can be “pushed out” by learning new skills, practicing those new skills, growing my network of friends and acquaintances and creating a brand for myself.

What am I doing to push back the walls of my box?

  1. Expand my Skill Set
    1. What can I do better?
    2. What do I want to learn?
    3. What don’t I want to learn but need to?


  1. Practice my new skills
    1. Where could I apply my new skills?
    2. Who can I rehearse my new skills with?
    3. Where can I use my new skills?


  1. Expanding my Network
    1. Where could I meet new people?
    2. What groups/social events could I get involved in?
    3. How can I use social media and apps to meet new people?


  1. Create a Brand for myself
    1. What image do I want to project?
    2. How do I want people to see me?
    3. What do I need to change to create the brand I want?


I decided I needed a visual to help me stay on track. I created something I could look at daily as a reminder of my mission to grow my comfort zone.


One of the networking groups I joined is expanding all 4 sides of my box at one time, Garland Toastmasters! By doing this, I will be growing my public speaking skills, practicing my new skills in a safe environment, growing my network of friends and helping me develop my brand.

Ask yourself, “What can I do to expand my box?” Create your list under each activity, Networking, Skill, Practicing, and Branding. Print out the picture of the box to remind yourself “What am I doing today to expand my box?”


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