The Desk

I have been taking inventory of all the changes that have happened in my life over the last couple months and how can I use these events to “expand my box” and learn from it. One of the changes I chose to make to give me the feeling of having some control was to rearrange my office. My routine for 7 years was to go into my office every morning, look up my daily sales and plan my day.  Now that I was no longer in that position, I still felt like I was supposed to do that because nothing else had changed in my office.  That’s what triggered the update.

First, I had to clean out my office! Not only did I have to clean out my desk, closet and shelves, I also had to start cleaning out the garage as that was an extension of my office. This took weeks with my good friend’s help and several trips to the recycling center, the Community Value and Thrift Center and figuring out what to put in a garage sale.

Next was having that garage sale to make the funds needed to purchase a new desk.  Now, I didn’t “need” a new desk, I wanted a new desk to make a fresh start and set the stage for moving forward.  I started looking for an executive desk and pictured how I would look and feel sitting at the desk. This was a very important step for me as I wanted to change my view not only in my office but how I was feeling about my situation in general.

I wanted my new desk to make a statement of who I was and what I planned to do in the future. For me that was a cherry wood executive desk. What is an executive desk? For me, it’s a pedestal desk, a large free-standing desk made of a simple rectangular working surface resting on two pedestals or small cabinets of stacked drawers of one or two sizes, with plinths around the bases. I wanted a desk to add weight to the room and express that I’m a person who makes decisions and is in control of her life. Image result for pedestal desk office depot

What started out as a small change to my office has had a bigger effect on me than I expected.  Physically, my view is now out my office window and I’m no longer staring at the back of my old desk. I have natural light on my work area and it’s calming to look out the window and watch the birds.

Emotionally, I’m no longer looking back at the past 7 years with my previous employer with hurt and anger but with renewed energy and authority going into the future.

My box or comfort zone has grown as I feel more in control of my life as I sit behind my desk and write my blog or grow my business. I have taken the time to grow my personal skills by reading networking books, joining social groups and talking to more people.

What small change can you make in your life that can expand your box? Move a desk, read a skill-building book or join a social group where you attend meetings? Positive changes will affect how you feel or see the world.


3 thoughts on “The Desk

  1. You are definitely a lady with “moxy”. Keep going forward. A change in our life isn’t bad. It just leads us into a new phase of our life.

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