Welcome Moxy n Mascara!

What is Moxy?

Per Websters dictionary it means: courage, determination, energy, pep, know how and skill.

Word Origin and History for Moxie
n. “courage,” 1930, from Moxiebrand name of a bitter, non-alcoholic drink, 1885, perhaps as far back as 1876 as the name of a patent medicine advertised to “build up your nerve; despite legendary origin stories putout by the
company that made it, it is perhaps ultimately from a New England Indian word
(it figures in river and lake names in Maine, where it is apparently from Abenaki
and means “dark water”).

Much imitated in its day; in 1917 the Moxie Company won an infringement suit against a competitor’s beverage marketed as “Proxie.”

 moxie. (n.d.). Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved June 28, 2017 from Dictionary.com website http://www.dictionary.com/browse/moxie


Why I decided to write a blog targeted toward encouraging women.

  1. To share my knowledge with other women.
  2. To encourage other women to expand “their box” or comfort zone.
  3. It’s OK for someone to say you have Moxy!  That doesn’t make you a B*tch!

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